Children´s health & wellness

Children´s health & wellness at Werzer´s

Being healthy and well are important at a young age too. At Werzer´s we also pay attention to the wellbeing of our youngest guests. The importance of being healthy is explained in a playful and pleasant way.

Our specials for kids intend to support their healthy growth and assist parents in designing a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. Even the little ones may suffer from back pain from sitting too long or aren´t able to cope with stress at school. Parents often don´t know what is going on with their kids, because especially kids don´t like talking about their problems.

  • At Werzer's we have trained specialists (doctors, child educators, sport scientists) who take excellent care of both the body and soul of children.
  • Open discussions and tests reveal the mental and physical condition of a child and we are able to develop programs aimed solving any issues or even preventing burnout from happening.
  • The equipment by Dr. Wolff's back school can be used for free.

Wellnes & Spa

In the heated indoor pool at the hotel, kids can splash around and have fun! Children are also welcome to use the heated pool at the bathhouse from 7:00am to 4:00pm. (no access for kids after 4pm).

Werzer´s Kiddies´s & Teenies´Spa

Wellness for princes and princesses: The beauty program offers massages for Sleeping Beauty and strong pirates, hand and foot care with "The Rockstar" nail polish or "Wild Bee" stickers. Kids over 12 years can have a "Starlight" facial, teens get a make-up consultation. The selection is simply great at the Kiddies´& Teenies´ Spa.

Family specials Kids club

Werzer's Familienpauschalen für Ihren Familienurlaub am Wörthersee